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Current Authors



Garen Torikian is a fiction writer, essayist, and translator working on texts from Spanish and Armenian into English. His work focuses on stories that examine the imbalanced power dynamics between individuals and larger social entities.

Check out his project here.

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Molly Beale completed their undergraduate studies at the university of Kent and is a graduate of the UEA creative writing poetry masters. They’ve had previous work published by Creeping Expansion, Egg Box, New River Press and Datableed among others. Molly’s project, Public Menace seeks to democratize the practise of poetry by sharing resources online and using book publication as a way to build community. They are passionate about books in general, and run a book blog in their spare time.

Check out their project here


Erin Maniatopoulou is a Greek born writer and translator between Greek and English. She has studied a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, and an MA in Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia. She has contributed to independent, left and LGBTQ+ publications including DIVA Magazine, and has a blog dedicated to all things publishing.

Check out her project here.

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