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Kaci X Tavares

Bridging The Gap

Kaci head shot.jpg

Since the module, Kaci has helped out at UPP as an editorial assistant providing readers reports on a selection of Burmese short stories for Strangers Press and devised a submissions process for Boiler House Press.

  • Poet, English Educator, & Editor

  • Based in Hawai’i and Washington, USA

  • BA in English & BS in English Education (Boston University)

  • MA in Creative Writing, Poetry (UEA)

  • Languages: English and intermediate Mandarin Chinese

  • LinkedIn

  • Kaci X. Tavares writes bilingual poetry that investigates her multicultural identity and how it affects her relationships with languages. She champions literature that adds diversity to the Anglosphere’s literary canon, such as her publication Between the Boxes —  a literary magazine that seeks to legitimise those who live in-between languages, cultures, and nations. When not writing poetry, she blogs on Coloring the Canon.

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