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                  Join up and enhance UEA's publishing activity

               Streamline and improve pathways to impact for the REF

            Provide an invaluable creative/practice-based learning resource

         Will be a challenger brand for HE and academic publishing

      Further improve UEA's employability offer

   Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration


Wanna have fun


to hear your ideas. We are interested in publishing in its broadest sense:


  • Short monographs - single or co-authored

  • Full-length monographs - single or co-authored

  • Audio/visual work for digital publication

  • Performance work for audio/visual recording  

  • Creative writing, creative/critical writing, life-writing; fiction, poetry, non-fiction; essays, journalism and everything in between for Boiler House Press

  • Literary translation and related projects for Strangers Press

  • Speculative, para-academic works that are provisional, or playful; academic 'spin-offs' appropriate for print and/or digital publication

  • Formally experimental approaches to all modes and forms of writing

  • Extant publishing projects in need of improved distribution


Tell us what you're working on and we'll discuss the best means, method, or form of publication. 


Check back soon for full submissions guidelines or information on specific lines of titles. In the meantime, prepare your pitch and sign up to our mailing list. You can also email us.

We believe that publishing is a collaborative artistic practice as well as a commercial process; that the book is, in essence, a 'packaged idea'.


'Publishing really matters. It's at the heart of our literature and our learning, our civil society, our public spheres and political discussions.


Publishing carries forward our sciences and powers our culture.


Publishing isn't a passive medium; it is a part of our lives and societies, shaping them, guiding them, sometimes even controlling them. Rarely looking inward, publishing helps define our world.'


Michael Bhaskar, The Content Machine

'... The aim should be to produce not mere specialists but rather cultivated men and women.'

'... Finally there is a function that is more difficult to describe concisely, but that is none the less fundamental: the transmission of ... common standards of citizenship ... [and] that background of culture and social habit upon which a healthy society depends.' 

- Robbins Report, 1963

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