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In the realm of literature translated into English, all too often the focus is on the same European language majorities — French, Spanish, German — leading to a complete lack of diversity of stories from other countries. These texts tend to deal with the same plots and tropes present in other Western literature.

Mo(a)t seeks to break out of this repetitive cycle. It's a collection of translated short stories from different authors exploring their identity in relation to their environment. The stories in this anthology are not centered around a theme, but rather, a concept. Each author lives outside their birth country—whether by choice or exile—yet as writers, they’ve chosen to continue to express themselves in their mother tongue, rather than in the language of their adopted countries. Their stories will carefully examine the implication of their status as both an insider and an outsider in their home country.

The authors in this collection reveal the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and our communities, and the freedom to step beyond these boundaries. In a global era where immigrants across the world are scrutinized for their ethnic backgrounds, this collection celebrates how we are no longer defined by where we are, but also by where we came from.


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