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Originally submitted by second-year students studying for a BA in Modern Languages at the University of East Anglia, Lectures à l’aventure has been created for those wishing to polish and enrich their French through short stories and text-based activities.


“J’avais huit ans quand c’est arrivé. Je ne savais pas comment j’allais pouvoir survivre. J’avais tout perdu. J’avais l’impression que ma vie avait été retournée sens dessus dessous…”

— LE GOÛTER, Sonia Simmons


The format is a simple one: a set of ten short stories, each followed by activities designed to improve comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, translating, summarising and writing skills. The stories and accompanying activities are presented in ascending order of difficulty. The goal is to feel free to roam and pick whatever you consider most useful and/or interesting. Ultimately, learning without boredom is the core idea behind this project. The team here at UEA hope you enjoy learning with it!




AUTHORS: Eleanor d’Cruze, Chiara de Cicco, George Dick, Luke Evans, Ruadhán Harle, Katie Munro, Charlotte Sarsby, Sonia Simmons, Jack Waterman, Emily Wignall


PROJECT LEAD: Claudine Tourniaire


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