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Purchases from the publisher will subsidise donations to Fridays for Future and Parents for a Future.

"Rupert Read is a determined and responsible campaigner for a better country and a better world."
-- George Monbiot

That our ecological future appears grave can no longer come as any surprise. And yet we have so far failed, collectively and individually, to begin the kind of action necessary to shift our path away from catastrophic climate collapse.

"Rupert Read is one of the few people of my generation who brings an emotional intensity to the page that recalls an older existentialist attitude toward philosophy. Read is a living reminder that ideas matter."

-- Prof. Steve Fuller, author of Humanity 2.0


In this stark and startling little book, Rupert Read helps us to understand the direness of our predicament while showing us a metaphor and a method -- a way of thinking -- by which we might transform it. From the relatively uncontroversial starting point that we love our own children, we are introduced to a logic of care that iterates far into the future: in caring for our own children, we are committed to caring for the whole of human future; in caring for the whole of human future, we are committed to caring for the future of the natural world. Out of such thinking, hope emerges.

As Read demonstrates in this urgent call to action, accepting that we care for our own offspring commits us to a struggle on behalf of us all.

"If you believe that humanity is fundamentally about caring for ourselves and others, then this book is simply a 'must read'."
-- Etienne Stott, rower, Olympic gold medallist London 2012

"A powerful, passionate call for intergenerational solidarity. Read it; weep; then act."
-- Stephen M. Gardiner, author of A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change

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Parents for a Future

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