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Edited and co-ordinated by Sarah Lowndes, Like The Sea I Think is an enthralling collection of new marine writing from East Anglia gathered from library workshops and open submissions held across the region. It is wonderfully designed, as always, by Emily Benton, and available as a memento and inspiration for all those living by, inspired by, or curious about, the sea. It is our provider, our enemy, our defender, our gateway to the world; it defines our borders, informs our imaginations, it inspires our artists. The anthology features an incredible range of writing styles, subject matter, and authors; the youngest featured is 11, the eldest 87. The perfect companion on a Norfolk coastal walk punctuated by warm coffee shops and local pubs.

The volume includes 55 contributions from Viv Allen | Roy Ballard | Molly Bernardin | Neil Bousfield | Erin Bradshaw | Bev Broadhead | Tess Carruthers | David Cochrane | Louise Cole | Ruthie Collins | Mireia Molina Costa | Jade Cuttle | Janet Ellis | Cathy Erlam | Rose Evison | Jessica D'Alton Goode | Rachel Goodman | Mirabel Greaves | Chloe Hambly | Cate McKay Haynes | Sarah Hudis | Barrie de Lara | Jeni Lawes | Imogen Lea | Patricia Jane Lee | Stephanie Lillie | Angie Maddigan | George Mahood | Pip Mattich | Hillary Mellon | Jane Mills | Lloyd Mills | Jess Morgan | Lindsay Nash | Molly Naylor | Eoghan O’Maolain | Anna Opara | Sebastian Owen | Maria Pavledis | Clare Peed | Jon Platten | Simeon Ralph | Thogdin Ripley | Holly Sandiford | Gaia Shaw | Graham Sillett | James Smart | Robert F.W. Smith | Katie Stockton | Ryan Thacker | Rebecca Tough | Sarah Walker | Elizabeth Lewis Williams | Rachel Wood | Suzanne Woolnough

Like The Sea I Think

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  • 978-1-911343-96-7

  • w/ flaps; pp. 180

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