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about us

Underdog Alliance is an intervention. The publishing world as it currently stands is not accessible nor hospitable for many hopefuls who wish to contribute their talents to the trade. Our aim is to change this.

The Underdog Alliance is a collective of graduates and students from different corners of the world, skilled in different backgrounds of study, who all share the resolve to make new pathways and practises innovating how the production of creativity operates. The goal with our publications is to pass the mic to marginalized voices so that they may be written, read and heard loudly.

We want to share our experiences dealing with various aspects of bookmaking – planning, design, editorial, and post-production – as we bring our publications into being. By demystifying the industry cogs we want not only to celebrate those voices we are printing, but to encourage others behind the scenes like us to pick up and elaborate on what we begin.

With Underdog Alliance, we are creating a network of support and sharing to make the changes we wish to see last, and reach out even further. Whether you want to gain footing to climb the employment ladder, or lean towards publishing independently, we hope what’s on offer here will counsel the curious and embolden the courageous.

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