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Konstantin Nicholas Rega

  • Based in Richmond, Virginia, USA

  • Not only an internationally published poet but a music critic, Konstantin's reviews have been published on Joni Mitchell's official website, Into the Void and Trebelzine

  • Though he is currently the Fiction Editor for Crack the Spine, while at UEA he worked on a collaborative cookbook of Asian recipes instead of an anthology of some sort. Like his wide interest in music (Classical to Jazz to Kpop), this cookbook showcased the sundry dishes of a continent, similar and yet unique in their minute details. This project was meant to explore the eclectic tastes and the different ways to cook culinary dishes with or without the same ingredient used

  • Poet and Musician 

  • Currently working on publishing a poetry chapbook and will have his first choral composition debuted sometime in late 2020/early 2021

  • Favourite authors are Kazuo Ishiguro and Vladimir Nabokov; favourite poets are Williams Carlos Williams and Louise Gluck; favourite composers are Morten Lauridsen and W. A. Mozart; favourite singers are Stacey Kent and Joni Mitchell

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